Calling all Twilight fans, rainy weather lovers, and Olympic National Park fanatics! I’m sure you already know that Forks, Washington is one of the most incredible and magical places on Earth, which is why you’re here looking for an unforgettable Forks, Washington wedding venue for your special day.

Forks is a small town located along the Olympic Peninsula in western Washington. It was the main town that inspired the Twilight series books. While there isn’t much to do in town, you’ll find its surroundings and “locals only” locations are out-of-this-world.

As an elopement photographer who specializes in elopements around Olympic National Park and Forks area, I put together the ultimate Fork wedding venue guide. Whether you’re looking for a large forested venue or a small riverside property, I’ve got you covered. These are the 15+ best Forks, Washington wedding venues.

Looking for wedding venues in the nearby towns of Port Angeles and Sequim? I have a guide for that too!

Forks Washington Wedding Venues

Fern Acres

Website: Fern Acres

Max capacity: 150

Fern Acres is the most popular wedding venue in Forks. It’s famous for its Twilight-inspired ceremony space where they transform the grounds into exactly what it looked like in the popular wedding scene of Breaking Dawn. The grounds are maintained and decorated with gorgeous moss, ponds, and maples. They also have a large ceremony space equipped with a white tent in case in rains. Plus, it’s located right near downtown Forks. There truly aren’t any drawbacks to this venue. This is one of my personal favorite venues on this list and one of my most-recommended, especially if you’re having a larger wedding.

Check out Autumn and Christian’s dreamy Fern Acres wedding to see more images of the venue.

Miller Tree Inn

Website: Miller Tree Inn

Max capacity: Contact venue, though looks to be around 20 people.

If I had to get married all over again, Miller Tree Inn would be pretty high up on the list of wedding venues I would choose from. This quaint bed and breakfast is located in the heart of Forks, and believe it or not, was the house that inspired Stephanie Meyers writing of the Cullen house. It was originally built in 1916 and holds a lot of the same character and originality. Enjoy breakfast in the morning, a ceremony at noon on the grounds, and a stroll by the beach during sunset. This is a great venue for the laidback couple.

Manitou Lodge Bed & Breakfast

Website: Manitou Lodge Bed & Breakfast

Max capacity: 110

Manitou Lodge is one of my favorite venues for two reasons: it’s 3 miles away from both La Push and Rialto Beach, and it’s located right along the Sol Duc River on 10 acres of rainforest. This venue is stunning and perfect for weddings of all sizes. It’s only 15 minutes from Forks and offers couples a ton of privacy. Rent out the lodge and enjoy a relaxing experience all weekend long.

Quileute Oceanside Resort

Website: Quileute Oceanside Resort

Max capacity: 100

If you’re envisioning a ceremony along a rocky beach, you won’t find anything much better than the Quileute Oceanside Resort located right on La Push Beach. Channel your inner Jacob Black and walk along the shoreline in the rain or visit in the summer and watch the sunset over the rocks. The only thing to note is that the cabins at this resort do not have wifi. If you’re looking to disconnect and soak in the newlywed bliss, Quileute Oceanside Resort is a great Forks wedding venue to explore.

Quillayute River Resort

Website: Quillayute Park Resort

Max capacity: Contact venue, though looks to be around 20-50 people.

The Quillayute River Resort is a hidden gem Forks wedding venue. As the name suggests, this charming resort is located right along the Quillayute River. Like the Quiluete Resort, this one is also just a short few miles away from the beaches. Visit in the spring or summer and watch the grounds bloom with flowers as you eat cake and champagne around the picnic tables, or get married here in the winter and potentially get some wedding crashing elk grazing on the field.

Mossquatch Resort

Website: Mossquatch Resort

Max capacity: Contact venue, though looks to be around 20-30 people.

Mossquatch Resort is a mix of cabins and glamping tents in the forest of Forks. If you’re looking for that perfect venue for a summer camp-themed wedding, Mossquatch Resort is the place for you. It has some of the most beautiful scenery while still being close to town. If you’re looking to plan a small wedding or elopement with your closest loved ones, you can’t go wrong with this resort.

Olympic National Park

Website: Olympic National Park

Max capacity: 5-50+

Did you know you can actually get married within Olympic National Park itself? Forks is close to some of the most popular locations in the park like the Hoh Rainforest, Ruby Beach, and the Tree of Life. If you’re looking to plan an elopement or micro-wedding, you seriously can’t go wrong with any location in Olympic. Plus, it’s only $50!

Want to learn more about getting married in Olympic? Check out my in-depth elopement guide!

Twilight Lodgings

Website: Twilight Lodgings

Max capacity: 8

Want to get married in cabins that were featured in two of the Twilight movies – Eclipse and Breaking Dawn? Well, you’re in luck! Twilight Lodgings has 3 different cabins you can choose from to stay in. This is the perfect Forks wedding venue for couples looking for something very minimal and simple. The grounds around the property are gorgeous and would be the perfect place for a really intimate gathering. Because the max capacity is only 8 people, this venue is only recommended for elopements.

Three Rivers Resort

Website: Three Rivers Resort

Max capacity: Contact venue

Three Rivers Resort is THE venue for a summer camp-themed wedding. The entire resort can be rented out and has a plethora of different spaces to choose from, from houses, cabins, tents, RV setups, and more. Not to mention the actual grounds of the resort itself are stunning. Exchange vows amongst the trees and then head out to the nearby beach for a celebration. Stop in at the local market for a treat or head into the town of Forks for all your wedding needs.

Misty Valley Inn

Website: Misty Valley Inn

Max capacity: 40

Misty Valley Inn is another one of my favorite Forks wedding venues. Can you tell I’m a sucker for a good bed and breakfast? This adorable property is over 6,000 square feet and just minutes from town. The views here are incredible and the grounds are gorgeously maintained. Rent out the entire home for a weekend celebration, or plan for just a ceremony on the outdoor grounds. Enjoy watching the squirrels and hearing the sounds of the nearby Sol Duc River as you exchange your vows.

Bogachiel State Park

Website: Bogachiel State Park

Max capacity: Contact the park.

If you need a free outdoor wedding venue in Forks, you just found one! Bogachiel State Park is the perfect location for small weddings and elopements. If you’re envisioning a mossy rainforest or a riverside ceremony, you’re sure to find it here. I personally adore this location in the summer months, though if you’re hoping to secure this entire park to yourself, get married here in the winter and be amazed at how quiet and peaceful this location can truly be.

Hard Rain Cafe

Website: Hard Rain Cafe

Max capacity: Contact venue.

Hard Rain Cafe is one of the most unique wedding venues on this list and you already know what I’m going to say… one of my favorites. Seriously though, this incredible cafe is just minutes away from the famous Hoh Rainforest! This venue is open seasonally so be sure to see it’s available for your date, but if you’re looking for something with a laidback vibe surrounded by trees, misty fields, and moss, you won’t find anything better than the Hard Rain Cafe.

Kalaloch Lodge

Website: Kalaloch Lodge

Max capacity: 50

Kalaloch Lodge is such a fun wedding venue in Forks. It’s located right on Kalaloch Lodge which is actually one of the few beaches in the area that allow bonfires (perfect for a post-wedding celebration)! There are tons of cabins on the property and private beach access. You can choose from a variety of different ceremony sites from indoor to outdoor spaces. This is one of the best venues for smaller weddings near Forks.

Wandering Woodlands

Website: Wandering Woodlands

Max capacity: 16

Wandering Woodlands is one of the most breathtaking wedding venues on this list. If you love to camp or have simply been dreaming of a wedding venue deep in the forest, Wandering Woodlands will make your dreams come true. This 12-acre property boasts a ton of different campsites. Whether it’s just the two of you and your pup or a pack of your 10 closest friends, this venue is a must-see!

Olympic Adventure Cabin

Website: Olympic Adventure Cabin

Max capacity: 150

Olympic Adventure Cabin, just like Wandering Woodlands, is another very large camping wedding venue in Forks that’s situated on 5 acres. However, compared to Wandering Woodlands, this location can take on a lot more people since they have so many different sites. Exchange your vows amongst the trees or head out to the Calawah River to take in the view then enjoy a campfire with s’mores and hot dogs to end the night.

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