Artist Point is one of the most breathtaking places in the Pacific Northwest, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that you’re interested in planning an Artist Point elopement. Situated in the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, Artist Point is a location surrounded by 360 degree views of mountains, valleys, and glaciers. This spot is perfect for any kind of adventurous elopement. Enjoy a 10-mile hike past different alpine lakes, or simply walk from the parking lot to an unforgettable viewpoint. There is truly something for everyone in this area of Washington.

If you’re looking for the most in-depth guide about how to elope at Artist Point, you’ve come to the right place. This guide includes helpful tips and tricks, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to plan your very own Artist Point elopement.

A couple in wedding attire kissing at Artist Point during sunset.

How to Get to Artist Point

The easiest way to reach Artist Point is by flying into the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and making the 3 hour drive up to the location.

If you prefer something closer, check out the Bellingham Airport which is about 1.5 hours from Artist Point. However, this is a smaller airport and doesn’t offer many flights. This is a great airport if you’re already flying from somewhere on the West Coast.

Best Time of Year to Elope at Artist Point

The best time of year to elope at Artist Point is August and September. However, read more about all seasons below and which one would be most ideal for you. Artist Point is covered in snow almost year-round, so choosing the right month is important.


The summer months (July and August) are magical in Mt. Baker. Enjoy warm temperatures, snow-free trails, and wildflower meadows. However, because Artist Point is snow-free only 3-4 months out of the year, the summer season means crowds, and lots of them. The parking lot fills up quick and usually stays pretty full until sunset. If you’re set on a summer date, plan your elopement on a weekday, and preferably at sunrise or sunset (there will be more people at sunset).


The fall season is short, but oh so sweet. Fall typically is from late September to early October. This time of year is a little less busy than summer, but still expect some crowds as people make their way up north to see the beautiful fall colors sweep the area. The weather this time of year can be unpredictable. Sometimes, it’s warm and sunny. Other times, it’s foggy and rainy. I recommend the first two weeks of October if you want to take advantage of the beautiful foliage, chilly weather, and minimal crowds.


There is no better place in Washington to get snow in the winter than at Mt. Baker (okay, maybe Mt. Rainier). Either way, the winter season lasts from mid-October to late May and brings lots of skiers, snowboarders, and people who like to snowshoe. Artist Point is a super popular area for snowshoeing, though it is the least busy time to visit the area. However, be warned that the drive up to the area in the winter is pretty scary. Chains are required on all vehicles and the road is subject to close at anytime.


Spring is very short at Artist Point. It’s usually from late May to June. During this time of year, the area is still covered in snow. Personally, I recommend steering clear from the spring season in the area. The snow is usually all brown and muddy and the weather is pretty unpredictable.

A small wedding ceremony at Artist Point in Washington State.

Is Artist Point Busy?

Yes. I’m not going to lie, Artist Point is one of the busier spots in Washington, especially for elopements. It’s not uncommon to run into other couples on the mountain from the summer to fall season. If you really want something intimate, consider waking up for a sunrise elopement.

Can I Bring My Dog?

Yes! Artist Point is a dog-friendly location. Be sure to practice B.A.R.K. principles if you decide to bring your furry friend along for the ride.

Do I Need a Permit to Elope at Artist Point?

Generally, no. Artist Point is located in the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, which means unless you have 75 people at your elopement, you won’t need a special use permit. However, you will need to purchase a $5 parking pass. You can also get one on the drive up to Artist Point, but I recommend buying it beforehand to save some time.

A couple in wedding attire holding hands and facing the mountain at Artist Point.

Where to Stay for Your Artist Point Elopement


Glacier is the closest place to stay to Artist Point. It’s a small mountain town with little to offer, but it’s a great place to stay for a night or two. The rentals in the area are super cozy and cute. If you’re in Glacier, be sure to stop at Wake ‘N Bake Bakery or Chair 9 Pizza for some delicious bites to eat.

  • Retro A-Frame Chalet – A 70s inspired A-frame cabin with a hot tub and cozy interior (I’ve stayed here and it was magical)!
  • Mt. Baker Cabin – A modern, luxurious cabin nestled in the woods with a hot tub and panoramic forest views.
  • Rustic 70’s A-Frame – A quaint A-frame cabin with a fire pit and cozy interior.

Deming/Maple Falls

Similar to Glacier, Deming and Maple Falls are two small towns with not much to see or do. However, they’re close to the park and offer some comfortable rental options. They have some small coffee places and a grocery store. This is a great area if you’re looking for something more remote and off-the-grid.

  • Creekside Cabin – A picture-perfect creekside cabin with tons of natural light and a cedar hot tub on an acre of land.
  • Mountain Retreat – A modern A-frame cabin with tons of light and a small porch.
  • Wanderer A-Frame – A small, quaint cabin nestled between the trees with a wood burning stove and hot tub.


Bellingham is the best place to stay if you want to be closer to civilization. Bellingham is about 1.5 hours away from Artist Point. The town is incredibly charming and has the cutest downtown space. Enjoy a warm sandwich and explore a local bookstore, or hit up the local Target for all your essentials.

  • Lake Whatcom Home – Enjoy sweeping views of Lake Whatcom from every room, along with a fire pit on the deck.
  • The Crow’s Nest – A waterfront property with floor to ceiling windows and views of the San Juan Islands.
  • The Hideaway – An elevated cabin deep in the woods, yet close to town.

Must-Know Artist Point Elopement Tips and Tricks

#1: There’s no cell service. Once you get out of Bellingham, you usually won’t have much service. Depending on your provider, you may get some at Artist Point. However, be sure to download maps to use offline just in case.

#2: Take some medicine. If you get carsick easily, you might want to take some medicine. The road up to Artist Point is pretty windy, especially towards the end.

#3: Bring water and wear sunscreen. Especially in the summer. Due to the high elevation, the UV rays are much stronger and may cause you to sunburn quickly.

#4: Be aware of closure dates. The main highway, 542, closes a few times of year. Around Memorial Day, in mid-September, and usually the first week of October, the highway closes down for events or repairs.

A couple in wedding attire kissing in front of Mt. Baker.

Artist Point Elopement Inspiration

Check out some shots taken at Artist Point (and other locations right next to it) below to get inspiration for your elopement!

Artist Point Elopement Packages

I’m Brianna, an elopement photographer who specializes in adventurous outdoor elopements in the Pacific Northwest. I help couples plan their dream day by providing a variety of hands-on services. Take a peek at what I include in all my elopement packages below.

  • 4 hours – 1.5 days of elopement coverage at Artist Point
  • A personalized elopement planning experience with unlimited assistance
    • Personalized elopement location recommendations
    • Vendor, lodging, and activity recommendations
    • Assistance and information to help you with permits, licenses, etc.
    • 90+ page elopement planning guide filled with tips and tricks
    • Customized elopement timelines
    • Optional complimentary officiant services
  • Online gallery with full resolution images and printing rights
  • 24-48 hour sneak peeks to share with the world
  • Travel fees to anywhere in Washington are already included
  • Starting at $6,500

If you’re looking for similar inspiration for your elopement, be sure to check out my Mountain Elopement Guide, North Cascades National Park Elopement Guide, and Northern California Elopement Guide.

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