Burney Falls is one of the most incredible places I’ve ever been too, and so far, it’s pretty hard to beat as being my #1 favorite waterfall in California (maybe even in the United States) for an elopement.

Burney Falls is located in Northern California in a small town called Burney. With a population of 3,000, expect no more than a small main street filled with 50s inspired diners and small businesses run by the locals. Luckily, I grew up only an hour away from this quiet town, so when Rae and Chase reached out to me expressing their interest in a waterfall elopement, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. Though at the time, Burney Falls wasn’t even an option.

When we first started brainstorming ideas, we considered quite a few places, including Oregon and Washington, the two states with some of the most jaw dropping waterfalls I’ve ever seen. However, it just didn’t quite feel like home to them. They were both raised in Northern California and liked the idea of eloping at a spot that was familiar and special to them, so when I talked to them about Burney Falls, they were hooked.

We decided to have their ceremony during sunset in the fall. In the summer, Burney Falls simply gets too crowded, and in the winter, the snow and ice can be pretty unpredictable and make the base of the falls very slick (something to look out for if you decide to have a waterfall elopement yourself)!

We met up at the trailhead and Rae and Chase told me every detail about how they met – high school sweethearts. As we walked down the paved trail, the anticipation grew, and so did the loud roar of the waterfall. As we made our way down to the base, I was surprised to see that we were the only people there! Talk about a true intimate elopement.

Rae and Chase were never conventional. They never wanted the big wedding and thought of a wedding as a party for others that they were obligated to plan. Both living busy lives, they wanted a day all to themselves where they could focus on what they love and what would fulfill them – a true definition of an elopement.

These two exchanged their vows as the heavy mist from Burney Falls bombarded them. They didn’t mind though… they were as carefree and happy as ever, because they decided to celebrate their day in a way that was authentically and unapologetically them.

Burney Falls in Northern California
Waterfall elopement at Burney Falls.
A couple getting married at Burney Falls.
A couple having a wedding at Burney Falls.
A waterfall elopement at Burney Falls.
An elopement at Burney Falls.
Vow reading at a waterfall.
A couple eloping at a waterfall in California.
A bride and groom sitting at the base of Burney Falls on their wedding day.
Burney Falls elopement.

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