California’s state capital, Sacramento, was named one of the most diverse cities in America by Time magazine. It’s one of the best places for food and culture and should definitely be added to your list of places to visit. Aside from the food and culture, Sacramento also has some of the best wedding venues in California. 

This list includes both large and small wedding venues that are simple, trendy, and unique. I made sure to include venues that would fit each individual couple. I also decided not to include golf courses, hotels, or generic ballrooms in this list. I wanted this list to have a variety of wedding venues that would never go out of style.

Without further ado, let’s get into all of best wedding venues in Sacramento.

*The max capacity numbers are for seated ceremonies and receptions. If you have a standing ceremony or reception, the max capacity may be higher.

Outdoor Wedding Venues in Sacramento

Winchester Estate

Website: Winchester Estate

Max capacity: 150

Winchester Estate is an upscale country club venue. The ceremony site has views of the Sierra Nevada foothills and the meticulously manicured grounds. The venue also has beautiful stonework and a patio overlooking the valley. This mountain retreat is perfect for couples wanting a peaceful setting with pretty views.

Sequoia Mansion

Website: Sequoia Mansion

Max capacity: 150

Built in 1853, Sequoia Mansion is a charming Victorian mansion that’s been recently renovated. The venue has multiple outdoor and indoor ceremony options, a 19th-century fireplace, and stained glass windows. Sequoia Mansion is a great backdrop for couples looking for a unique and historic venue.

Kimpton Sawyer Hotel

Website: Kimpton Sawyer Hotel

Max capacity: 300

If you’re wanting an outdoor wedding or elopement with spectacular views of Sacramento’s skyline, the Kimpton Sawyer Hotel is the place for you. This outdoor wedding venue will provide you with some beautiful views and versatile space for decor. One of the great things about this venue is the variety of different backdrops you can have on your special day.

Park Winters

Website: Park Winters

Max capacity: 500

Park Winters is one of the most popular wedding venues in Sacramento. I love this area for the simplicity of the barn. With neutral colors, you can decorate this space anyway you’d like. They also have a rustic indoor area as well if you’d like to have both an indoor and outdoor space.

The Maples

Website: The Maples

Max capacity: 300

The Maples is a whopping 55 acre ranch located in Woodland. There are 5 gardens alone and endless areas around the ranch for your ceremony and reception. The architecture around the area provides some rustic charm and looks beautiful in any photo.

The Firehouse

Website: The Firehouse

Max capacity: 300

The Firehouse is a fine dining outdoor restaurant located right in the heart of downtown Sacramento. It’s a rustic outdoor wedding venue lined with brick, fairy lights, and lush greenery. Enjoy a stunning ceremony followed by an intimate dinner made by an award-winning chef.

Scott’s Seafood on the River

Website: Scott’s Seafood on the River

Max capacity: 200

Scott’s Seafood on the River reminds me of boat docks in San Diego or San Francisco. The ceremony view provides a beautiful view of the Sacramento River. While I’m not fond of the indoor area, the outdoor space looks beautiful both day and night. Similar to Firehouse, you can enjoy a gourmet seafood dinner after you exchange your vows.

An image of Union Brick at night, an outdoor Sacramento wedding venue.

Union Brick

Website: Union Brick

Max capacity: 350

Union Brick is an outdoor wedding venue in Sacramento known for its squared pavilion lined with string lights. I absolutely love the simplicity of the outdoor area. It’s a perfect venue for larger weddings and convenient for guests traveling since there’s a hotel right across the street. Photo by: A Perfect Impression Photography.

The Grand Mansion, a Sacramento wedding venue.

Grand Island Mansion

Website: Grand Island Mansion

Max capacity: 400

If you’re wanting to feel like royalty, then the Grand Island Mansion is the place for you. Like castles in England, this mansion is known for its gardens, fountains, and quietness. This outdoor wedding venue is a great choice if you want to have a larger wedding.

Pageo Lavender Farm

Website: Pageo Lavender Farm

Max capacity: 300

Pageo Lavender Farm is about an hour and a half away from Sacramento, but I couldn’t not include it on this list. Pageo is not only the best smelling wedding venue in Sacramento, but it it’s also known for having the best backdrop for a ceremony or wedding photos. This is a great venue for the couple who really connects with nature.

Wine & Roses, a Sacramento wedding venue at night.

Wine & Roses

Website: Wine & Roses

Max capacity: 350

Wine & Roses will make you feel like you’ve been transported to Italy on your wedding day. Known for its multiple spaces, Wine & Roses is the perfect wedding venue for couples looking to have elegance on their wedding day. The ceremony location is surrounded with botanical gardens and deodar trees, perfect for any photo or ceremony.

Retreat to the Farm

Website: Retreat to the Farm

Max capacity: 300

Retreat to the Farm is a large wedding venue located right outside of Sacramento. It’s a quiet and simple area known for its rustic barn backdrop. Here, you’ll find farm animals and peace, as this wedding venue is one of the most quiet on this whole list.

Sacramento Zoo

Website: Sacramento Zoo

Max capacity: 200

If you love animals and want a unique experience, I highly recommend checking out the Sacramento Zoo. There are tons of areas around the park that are perfect for photos and ceremonies. Enjoy your wedding day surrounded with exotic animals and nature.

River Highlands Ranch and Vineyards

Website: River Highlands Ranch and Vineyards

Max capacity: 250

The River Highlands Ranch and Vineyards reminds me of the gorgeous open spaces in South Africa. This is one of my favorite wedding venues in Sacramento. It has absolutely stunning panoramic views of the vineyards below, and it provides some of the cutest farmhouse wedding decor. This is a great option for any couple.

The Hideout

Website: The Hideout

Max capacity: 150

The Hideout is a wedding venue located around two hours East of Sacramento, but it’s definitely worth the drive. This wedding venue provides some of the most spectacular views of the surrounding area. If you really want to connect with nature on your special day, consider checking out The Hideout. Photo by: Andrew and Melanie Photography.

The Murieta Inn and Spa

Website: The Murieta Inn and Spa

Max capacity: 200

The Murieta Inn and Spa isn’t my favorite venue when it comes to the indoor space, but if you’re looking for a simple outdoor ceremony location, the firehouse terrace is a beautiful place to exchange vows. You can also have a reception in this area. It’s large enough to accommodate around 160 guests.


Website: Vizcaya

Max capacity: 220

While the indoor space isn’t my favorite, I do love the outdoor ceremony area of Vizcaya. It’s a beautiful space that can easily be decorated to your liking. It’s known for the lush greenery, romantic gazebo, and simple colors. This wedding venue is great for a smaller to medium sized wedding.

Black Oak Mountain Vineyards

Website: Black Oak Mountain Vineyards

Max capacity: 200

Black Oak Mountain Vineyards is one of my favorite outdoor wedding venues in Sacramento. I personally love the architecture of this spot. It’s quiet, off the grid, and a  beautiful area for any wedding. There are spaces all around the vineyard that offer stunning views of the surrounding area.

A mountain and a blue lake in El Dorado National Forest, an outdoor wedding venue in Sacramento.

El Dorado National Forest

Website: El Dorado National Forest

Max capacity: NA, but designed for smaller weddings or elopements

El Dorado National Forest is a two hour drive from Sacramento, but I had to include it on this list. If you’re a lover of nature, definitely check out the El Dorado Forest. You’ll be sure to find a secluded and scenic view for your wedding. I personally recommend this wedding venue for elopements or smaller weddings.

Stand Ready Ranch

Website: Stand Ready Ranch

Max capacity: 200

Like the El Dorado National Forest, the Stand Ready Ranch is also two hours away from Sacramento. Again, if you’re a lover of campfires and forests, you need to check out this ranch. This outdoor wedding venue is completely off the grid and is a great place to elope or have a super intimate wedding.

Yin Ranch

Website: Yin Ranch

Max capacity: 500

Yin Ranch is a super cute and picturesque outdoor wedding venue in Sacramento. It’s the perfect venue for super large weddings. While the gazebo area only sits 200, there are areas around the ranch that can accommodate up to 800 guests. This ranch also has beautiful views and a simple reception site that can be decorated any way you’d like.

McConnell Estates Winery

Website: McConnell Estates Winery

Max capacity: 300

The McConnel Estates Winery has both stunning outdoor and indoor spaces. Enjoy getting ready in a modern bridal suite for your ceremony backdropped with beautiful vineyards. They also have a rustic barn that can accompany your wedding guests for a beautiful reception.

Camp Augusta

Website: Camp Augusta

Max capacity: 160

Camp Augusta is another one of my favorite outdoor wedding venues near Sacramento. This wedding venue is located about an hour northeast of Sacramento. It’s situated within a beautiful forest and is right next to Lake Vera. Here, you’re guaranteed to find a peaceful and quiet area for your ceremony.

St. Jorge Winery

Website: St. Jorge Winery

Max capacity: 150

The St. Jorge Winery is known for its romantic and elegant charm. Located in the heart of Lodi, you’ll stumble across St. Jorge’s fine wine, Mediterranean architecture, and simple patio. There are areas all around the winery that make this wedding venue one of the best for pictures.

Bear Flag Farm

Website: Bear Flag Farm

Max capacity: 200

Bear Flag Farm is a luxury French-inspired outdoor wedding venue in Sacramento and was named one of the best wedding venues in the U.S. This is personally one of my favorite wedding venues. You’ll be surrounded with the aroma of lavender and rosemary, picturesque orchards, and green vineyards. 

Scribner Bend Vineyards

Website: Scribner Bend Vineyards

Max capacity: 125

Scribner Bend Vineyards is an outdoor wedding venue that also has a white, clean tent that can be used for receptions. Around the venue, you’ll find tall vineyards, a small fountain, and an outdoor fireplace for guests to enjoy. This is a great wedding venue for smaller weddings or elopements.

The Gardens at Sutter Creek

Website: The Gardens at Sutter Creek

Max capacity: 200

The Gardens at Sutter Creek is a minimalistic backyard venue that can truly be customized anyway you’d like. The Gardens has beautiful string lights, oak trees, and sounds of nearby waterfall. This venue screams romance and is a great option for any couple looking to have an intimate wedding experience.

Viaggio Estate and Winery

Website: Viaggio Estate and Winery

Max capacity: 350

Viaggio Estate and Winery is a grand, elegant wedding venue located in Lodi. It has beautiful European columns, a large balcony, and stunning views of the vineyards all around the winery. Not only do they offer wine, but they also have a delicious catering menu and rooms for you and family members.

Indoor Wedding Venues in Sacramento

Evergreen Springs

Website: Evergreen Springs

Max capacity: 225

Evergreen Springs is a beautiful modern venue in Elk Grove. The waterfalls and courtyard create a peaceful outdoor setting. Inside, the reception space has high ceilings, a dramatic brick wall, and plenty of windows for natural light. This is a great venue for a more contemporary look!

Vintage Monkey

Website: Vintage Monkey

Max capacity: 135

If you’re wanting something unique and edgy, consider the Vintage Monkey. Vintage Money is an indoor wedding venue located near downtown Sacramento. It’s known for its vintage motorcycles, dark colors, and unique decor. This is a great venue for any couple wanting to make a statement or stand out on their wedding day. Plus, it’s a super cool place to take wedding photos.


Website: BLOC

Max capacity: 285

BLOC is one of the most popular, and certainly one of my favorite indoor wedding venues in Sacramento. This minimalistic venue is a creative couple’s dream. The clean white walls, singular black wall, and natural light makes this one of the most versatile and timeless wedding venues in all of Sacramento.

The Willow Ballroom and Event Center

Website: The Willow Ballroom and Event Center

Max capacity: 500

The Willow Ballroom and Event Center has to be one of my favorite indoor wedding venues in Sacramento. If you’re looking for a bohemian or rustic venue, look no further. This urban studio has everything you need in a wedding venue. From brick walls and chandeliers to lush gardens and unique architecture, you can’t go wrong with this indoor venue. Photo by: Julie Bulanov Photography.

Iron Gate Villa

Website: Iron Gate Villa

Max capacity: 150

The Iron Gate Villa is one of my favorite indoor wedding venues in Sacramento, specifically for small weddings, and especially for elopements. This trendy space is the perfect spot for couples and families. It’s a luxury wedding venue that truly feels like home.

Old Sugar Mill

Website: Old Sugar Mill

Max capacity: 500

The Old Sugar Mill is another one of my favorite wedding venues in Sacramento. It carries so much character and is home to 15 different wineries. If you’re wanting something rustic and a bit older, I highly recommend checking out the Old Sugar Mill in the wine country.

Union Hill Inn

Website: Union Hill Inn

Max capacity: 30

The Union Hill Inn is about a two and a half hour drive from Sacramento, but it’s well worth the drive. This antique venue is filled with beautiful wooden columns and a rustic fireplace. You’ll get lost exploring the well-known gardens that are filled with gazebos, ponds, and pavilions.

The Sterling Hotel

Website: The Sterling Hotel

Max capacity: 200

The Sterling Hotel is a sophisticated hotel located in downtown Sacramento known for its beautiful architecture and convenience. This hotel has both trendy indoor and outdoor sites for ceremonies and receptions. My personal favorite is the small indoor space accompanied by neutral colors and tall windows.

Arcade Underground

Website: Arcade Underground

Max capacity: 40

Arcade Underground is a versatile wedding venue designed for small weddings and elopements. Walled with brick, this wedding venue can be decorated anyway you’d like and makes a great backdrop for photos. This venue also have French doors leading to an outdoor patio area that can also serve as a ceremony or reception site.

B Street Theatre

Website: B Street Theatre

Max capacity: Dependent on room

The B Street Theatre is a large industrial wedding venue near downtown Sacramento. There are multiple spaces to choose from, each having their own unique setup and character. If you’re looking for something a bit different and more industrial, I recommend checking out the B Street Theatre.

An image of St. Mary's Chapel, a white wedding chapel in Sacramento.

Old St. Mary’s Chapel

Website: Old St. Mary’s Chapel

Max capacity: 110

If you’re wanting something a bit more traditional and sleek, consider checking out the Old St. Mary’s Chapel. This chapel was built in 1883 and has tons of character. Inside, you’ll find simple colors and large windows, perfect for getting those gorgeous wedding photos. Once married, enjoy a reception or lunch on the outside patio of the church.

The inside space of the Stone House, an indoor restaurant and wedding venue in Sacramento.

The Stone House

Website: The Stone House

Max capacity: 150

The Stone House is a rustic tavern that includes a romantic stone wall, unique wine cavern, and plenty of different rooms to choose from for your indoor wedding. I personally love how unique, yet how trendy and modern this wedding venue is. You can’t go wrong with choosing a venue like this one.

The Chalet Event Center

Website: The Chalet Event Center

Max capacity: 250

The Chalet Event Center is located at the bottom of the Sierra Nevada foothills and has both indoor and outdoor spaces to choose from. The indoor area is equipped with large beams and neutral colors, making any color scheme and setup look great. There is also plenty of natural light for pictures.

Newcastle Gardens BnB

Website: Newcastle Gardens BnB

Max capacity: 130

Newcastle Gardens BnB is a romantic wedding venue known for its oak trees, koi pond, and waterfall. This BnB has a simple outdoor ceremony space and an industrial indoor area for receptions. If you’re looking for something elegant, Newcastle Gardens BnB is a great choice.

The Century

Website: The Century

Max capacity: 75

The Century is an hour and a half away from Sacramento, but I couldn’t not include it on this list. The Century is very similar to BLOC. It has exposed brick, tall ceilings, and crystal chandeliers. This is the perfect indoor wedding venue for any couple looking for something modern with vintage glam.

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