So you’ve decided to plan a Patagonia elopement. Patagonia is one of the most wild places in the world, but yet so few people know about it. Not only is it one of the best places in the world to elope, but it’s simply one of the best places to visit.

I created a comprehensive guide, all about how to elope in Patagonia. Included in the guide are best places to elope in Patagonia, Patagonia elopement packages, and more.

Where Is Patagonia?

Patagonia is located in the southern tip of South America and is split between Chile and Argentina. On the Chile side, you’ll find beautiful greenery and turquoise blue lakes. In Argentina, while the scenery is much more dry, has the iconic Fitz Roy mountain and stunning lakes.

How Do I Get to Patagonia?

To elope in Patagonia, you’ll want to fly into the Punta Arenas Airport located in Chile, or the Buenos Aires Ezeiza International Airport located in Argentina.

From here, you’ll want to rent a car, preferably a 4×4. Patagonia is pretty remote, so prepare for a bit of a drive, about 4 hours from Punta Arenas. However, with such beautiful scenery, the drive will fly by!

Patagonia, Chile.

How Do I Get a Marriage License in Patagonia?

While getting a marriage license in Chile or Argentina isn’t super complicated, it will definitely give you a headache. Getting a marriage license in either country will require you to visit few days early to sort out all the paperwork and legalities.

If you’re a foreigner getting married in Patagonia, I highly recommend having a legal ceremony in your home state or country, then having a symbolic ceremony in Patagonia.

However, if you’re set on wanting to get a marriage license in Chile, check out this article. If you’re tying the know on the Argentina side, check out this article.

The Best Places to Elope in Patagonia

Torres del Paine in Argentina.

Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine is the most famous national park in the Patagonia region, and the most popular place for Patagonia elopements. Known for the iconic mountain range, many glaciers, hikes, and lakes, Torres is truly the best place to elope in Patagonia.

Parque Nacional Los Glaciares

Parque Nacional Los Glaciares

If you’re wanting glaciers on your special day, Parque Nacional Los Glaciares is the place for you. It’s very similar to the scenery of Alaska. There are multiple glaciers here that are easily accessible, and others that are less populated.

El Chaltén

El Chaltén is a small mountain town in Argentina that has an iconic road used often for pictures. This is a great place to stay as well as elope. Near El Chaltén, you’ll be able to kayak, hike, bike, fish, and so much more.

Puyuhuapi’s Bay

Puyuhuapi’s Bay is not the scenery you expect to see when thinking about Patagonia. Puyuhuapi’s Bay is a perfect place to elope if you’re wanting something a bit more off-the-grid. You’ll be encompassed by thick pine trees, crystal clear water, and Pacific Northwest-like fog. It’s very similar to Alaska!

Queulat Glacier

The Queulat Glacier is located in Queulat National Park and is one of the most popular viewpoints within the park. The hike to reach to viewpoint will take around 2.5 hours. It will take you through the dense forest and river within the park. It’s truly one of the best places to elope in Patagonia.

Condor Lookout hike in Patagonia, Chile.

Condor Lookout

The Condor Lookout is one of my favorite places in the world and one of the best places to elope in Patagonia! The hike to reach the lookout is only 1.4 miles roundtrip and is very easy. At the end, you’ll be greeted with Lake Pehoé, a turquoise lake backed with jagged mountains!

Patagonia Weather

If you need to know one thing about Patagonia, it’s that the weather is extremely unpredictable and windy, very windy.

In Patagonia, the seasons are flipped, meaning summer is during the months of December-March. However, don’t expect warm weather. Even in the summer, you’ll want to bundle up to keep warm and brave the wind.

If you want to beat the crowds, I highly recommend having your Patagonia elopement during March-May. The weather is a bit cooler, prices decrease, and there are not as many people.

If weather is your main concern, November-March is the best time to visit, but be prepared for large crowds and high prices.

Birds in front of the mountains of Patagonia.

Is Traveling to Patagonia Expensive?

Surprisingly, traveling to Patagonia isn’t as expensive as you think, especially when comparing it to other countries like Switzerland. If you’re on a super tight budget, expect to pay about $50 USD a day. However, if you have some wiggle room, expect closer to $75-$100.

Where to Stay for Your Patagonia Elopement

Patagonia has some absolutely incredible places to stay for your Patagonia elopement. If you’re looking for some epic hotels, I highly recommend checking out EcoCamp, The Singular, and Tierra Patagonia. If you’d rather stay at an Airbnb, check out some of my favorites below!

The Lake House – The Lake House is located right on Lake Lonconao and has plenty of natural light. While the cabin doesn’t have over-the-top amenities, it has everything you need for a stay and offers plenty of nearby activities.

Casa de Montaña – This modern home is located on a ton of land and has absolutely amazing views. There are a ton of large windows, a beautiful deck, and cozy rooms.

Patagonia Domes – If you decide to elope in Patagonia, you have to check out their domes! Some have more room than others, but this one is perfect is you’ll only be in the area for a few days.

John’s Cabin with a View – Located right on the sea, this cabin will make you feel small in the best way possible! It’s cozy, small, and perfect for couples wanting something a bit more off-grid.

Torres del Paine in Patagonia.

Patagonia Elopement Activity Ideas

  • Spot wildlife in the nearby national parks
  • Check out the nearby costal towns
  • Go on an afternoon bike ride in the town of El Chaltén.
  • Walk on some of the glaciers in Parque Nacional Los Glaciares
  • Hike to an alpine lake deep in the mountains
  • Visit the penguins on the coast
  • Take a Boat Trip in the Beagle Channel

Patagonia Elopement Packages

I’m a Patagonia elopement photographer who specializes in elopements all around the world. To see my elopement packages, check out this page.

  • 8 hours – 3 days of elopement coverage anywhere in Patagonia
  • A personalized elopement planning experience with unlimited assistance
    • Personalized elopement location recommendations
    • Vendor, lodging, and activity recommendations
    • Assistance and information to help you with permits, licenses, etc.
    • 90+ page elopement planning guide filled with tips and tricks
    • Customized elopement timelines
    • Optional complimentary officiant services
  • Online gallery with full resolution images and printing rights
  • 24-48 hour sneak peeks to share with the world
  • Travel fees to anywhere in Patagonia are already included
  • Starting at $10,500

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