Malibu is a popular travel destination with some of the most stunning wedding venues within all of California. In fact, it’s one of the best places in California to elope as well! From the beautiful Pacific Ocean to the epic Santa Monica Mountains, each of these wedding venues has something unique to offer each couple. I included wedding venues that can accommodate both large weddings and elopements.

Most of these wedding venues are outdoor or have outdoor ceremony sites. While there are a select few with indoor ceremony areas, the wonderful weather of Malibu makes outdoor weddings extremely popular year-round.

*The max capacity numbers are for seated ceremonies and receptions. If you have a standing ceremony or reception, the max capacity may be higher.

Outdoor Wedding Venues in Malibu

An image of the Gesner Cocoon, and outdoor wedding venue in Malibu.

The Gesner Cocoon

Website: The Gesner Cocoon

Max capacity: 30

The Gesner Cocoon is the perfect wedding venue for an elopement. This super unique wedding venue has stunning views of beautiful mountains, a relaxing hot tub, and a spacious interior, perfect for the happy couple. I highly recommend checking out this venue if you’re wanting something super small and peaceful.

A couple exchanging vows on El Matador Beach, an outdoor wedding venue in Malibu.

El Matador Beach

Website: El Matador Beach

Max capacity: NA, but designed for small weddings or elopements

El Matador Beach is Malibu’s most popular beach. There are plenty of unique rock formations and areas to tie the knot around this famous beach. Like Point Dume, another wedding venue on this list, you can get married on the beach or on the cliffs above the water. Photo by: Bree and Stephen.

The Sunset Restaurant

Website: The Sunset Restaurant

Max capacity: 150

If you’re looking to have your wedding directly on the beach, check out The Sunset Restaurant. Here, you can have a stunning beach ceremony followed by an intimate outdoor dinner during your reception. When you think of a beach wedding, this is the venue you think of. 

Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyards

Website: Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyards

Max capacity: 250

Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyards is one of my favorite outdoor wedding venues in Malibu. At this venue, you’ll be smitten with 360 degree views of the stunning Santa Monica mountains from the helipad where you’ll exchange vows. Then, enjoy a dinner under the Tuscan-inspired mansion with close friends and family.

The outdoor space of Surfrider Malibu, an outdoor wedding venue.

The Surfrider Malibu

Website: The Surfrider Malibu

Max capacity: 75

The Surfrider Malibu is one of my personal favorite Malibu wedding venues. Their decor setup, architecture, and Pacific Ocean view is a photographers dream. This venue only allows outdoor weddings for those with under 75 guests, making it a smaller space. I personally love this venue, as it’s close to the beach as well.

A jogger running along the coast of Point Mugu State Park, an outdoor wedding venue in Malibu.

Point Mugu State Park

Website: Point Mugu State Park

Max capacity: NA, but designed for small weddings or elopements

Point Mugu State Park is an outdoor wedding venue designed for small weddings or elopements. This state park is the perfect ceremony space for couples who really connect with nature. You can’t go wrong with getting married in a spot such as this one. Enjoy being above the beach as you exchange your vows.

An image of plants at Malibu Secret Gardens, an outdoor wedding venue in Malibu.

Malibu Secret Gardens

Website: Malibu Secret Gardens

Max capacity: 25

Malibu Secret Gardens isn’t a very well-known wedding venue, but it definitely should be. If you want to elope or have a small wedding, you definitely need to check out the Malibu Secret Gardens. This wedding venue is quiet, secluded, and ethereal. The outdoor space is filled with lush greenery, and the indoor space is bohemian.

Malibu Creek State Park

Website: Malibu Creek State Park

Max capacity: NA, but designed for small weddings or elopements

Malibu Creek State Park is another stunning state park with a variety of different sceneries. Here, you’ll be surrounded with the tall California mountains, jagged rock peaks, and the beautiful Malibu Creek. Once again, you can’t go wrong with choosing Malibu Creek State Park as a wedding venue.

Point Dume State Beach, an outdoor wedding venue in Malibu.

Point Dume State Beach

Website: Point Dume State Beach

Max capacity: 25

Point Dume State Beach is a popular state beach in California. It’s also a beautiful wedding venue for small weddings or elopements. You can have your ceremony right on the beach, or on the cliffs towering above. This is a great area for any wedding.

Adamson House Museum

Website: Adamson House Museum

Max capacity: 200

The Spanish-inspired Adamson House Museum is a trendy and unique outdoor wedding venue right on the coast of Malibu. There are multiple areas around the property to have an intimate ceremony then celebrate with a reception. The architecture and outdoor gardens provide the perfect backdrop for any image.

Cielo Farms

Website: Cielo Farms

Max capacity: 200

Cielo Farms is a rustic wedding venue surrounded by vineyards, mountains, and trees. It’s the perfect venue for couples looking into having a wedding inspired by the Italian or Napa vineyards. The views at this venue will leave you and your guests absolutely speechless. Photo by: Christine Skari Photography.


Website: THE1909

Max capacity: 120

THE1909 is a laidback wedding venue located in the heart of Topanga State Park. This outdoor wedding venue is hidden under a canopy of California oak trees, making it a quiet and serene area to exchange vows. Around this venue, you’ll be delighted to hear the rushing water of the nearby creek, and see the unique spaces for pictures. Photo by: The Gathering Season.

Cypress Sea Cove

Website: Cypress Sea Cove

Max capacity: 250

Cypress Sea Cove is one of the more popular outdoor wedding venues in Malibu. This Victorian-inspired wedding venue is perfect for couples looking for a more traditional wedding space. The grounds are extremely well kept, and the view of the Pacific Ocean is to die for. Enjoy great weather at your ceremony and reception year-round.

Saddlerock Ranch & Vineyard

Website: Saddlerock Ranch & Vineyard

Max capacity: 500

At Saddlerock Ranch & Vineyard, you have four different areas on the ranch to choose from. Each of these areas are naturally beautiful and don’t require much decor to have an unforgettable wedding. The rolling hills, large oaks, and rose gardens provide the perfect decor for any kind of wedding.

Inn of the Seventh Ray

Website: Inn of the Seventh Ray

Max capacity: 220

Inn of the Seventh Ray is a restaurant located within the Santa Monica Mountains. I personally prefer this venue for elopements and smaller weddings. This whimsical venue features waterfalls, windy brick pathways, and large sycamore trees. If you’re looking for a rustic wedding venue that feels extremely intimate, I highly recommend checking out the Inn of the Seventh Ray.

Triunfo Creek Vineyards

Website: Triunfo Creek Vineyards

Max capacity: 300

Triunfo Creek Vineyards is an idyllic wedding venue located within the Santa Monica Mountains. The elegance and simplicity of this wedding venue will blow you away. Enjoy the smell of the beautiful vineyards and eucalyptus trees as you exchange vows, then, enjoy an indoor or outdoor rustic reception with friends and family. Photo by: Adrana Klas.

Rancho Del Cielo

Website: Rancho Del Cielo

Max capacity: 80

Enjoy beautiful views of the nearby mountains and Pacific Ocean on your special day at Rancho Del Cielo. The ranch is lined with olive groves, oak trees, and an old cottage. You will also enjoy the small of lavender, jasmine, and roses. This wedding venue is for smaller weddings or elopements, making your special day feel close and intimate.

Malibu Solstice Vineyards

Website: Malibu Solstice Vineyards

Max capacity: 200

Malibu Solstice Vineyards is another stunning vineyard in Malibu that offers epic views of the nearby Santa Monica Mountains. The interior of the estate will leave your jaw on the floor. It’s a perfect space for wedding guests to celebrate your special day.

Calamigos Ranch

Website: Calamigos Ranch

Max capacity: 800

Calamigos Ranch is a historic 250 acre ranch that accommodates up to 800 people. This is a popular outdoor wedding venue in Malibu amongst couples. Here, you can choose from four different sites, all with unique touches. If you’re looking for a waterfall, jasmine, or green arches, be sure to check out Calamigos Ranch. Photo by: Lauren Miles Photo.

The Gardens at Los Robles Greens

Website: The Gardens at Los Robles Greens

Max capacity: 350

I’ll be the first to say that I’m not the biggest fan of golf courses or country clubs serving as wedding venues, but this one is an exception. The Gardens at Los Robles Green needs little to no decor in order to make your ceremony site pop. This venue is elegant, simple, and timeless. Photo by: Jennifer Lourie Photography.

Malibu Seaview Estate

Website: Malibu Seaview Estate

Max capacity: 400

The Malibu Seaview Estate has one of the largest level grass yards in all of Malibu. This estate is extremely private, making your ceremony completely quiet and intimate. Enjoy views of both the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Monica Mountains during both your ceremony and reception.

V&E Magical Garden

Website: V&E Magical Garden

Max capacity: 500

Enjoy a rustic ceremony with epic views of California’s beauty at V&E Magical Garden. You’ll be greeted with ancient oak trees, sun-drenched rolling hills, and peaceful rose gardens at this beautiful outdoor wedding venue. This is a great wedding venue for couples looking for something a bit more traditional, or couples having a large wedding.

A couple exchanging vows at Le' Sangreal, an outdoor wedding venue in Malibu.

Le’ Sangreal

Website: Le’ Sangreal

Max capacity: 200

Le’ Sangreal has some of the most beautiful views in all of Malibu. Like most wedding venues on this list, you’ll be surrounded with views of the Santa Monica Mountains. While I’m not a fan of the interior of the estate on the property, I personally love the architecture. The simplicity and design looks great in pictures!

Indoor Wedding Venues in Malibu

The interior of Malibu Farm Lido, an indoor wedding venue in Malibu.

Malibu Farm Lido

Website: Malibu Farm Lido

Max capacity: 75

Malibu Farm Lido is a bright and minimalistic indoor wedding venue located near the heart of Malibu. As a California elopement photographer, this space is one of my favorites. There is plenty of natural light, and the decor makes this space feel extra cozy and intimate. This wedding venue is designed for smaller weddings or elopements.

The Vintage Rose

Website: The Vintage Rose

Max capacity: 250

The Vintage Rose is one of my personal favorite indoor wedding venues in Malibu. I personally love the minimalistic area of this venue. There are multiple rooms and areas for pictures. Plus, this venue will never go out of style. You will look at wedding images years from now and still be happy that you chose The Vintage Rose. Photo by: Three 16 Photography.

A couple hugging on the balcony of Casa di Pietra, an indoor wedding venue in Malibu.

Casa di Pietra

Website: Casa di Pietra

Max capacity: 225

Casa di Pietra is an ideal wedding venue in Malibu for couples wanting an indoor venue right on the beach. Most couples choose to have their ceremony on the outdoor patio or private beach, then enjoy an indoor or outdoor reception. The area and design of this estate is perfect for both pictures and guests. Photo by: Lucas Rossi.

Bel-Air Bay Club

Website: Bel-Air Bay Club

Max capacity: 400

The Bel-Air Bay Club is one of the most popular wedding venues in Malibu. This venue offers both indoor and outdoor sites for your ceremony and reception. If you want elegance on your special day, consider the Bel-Air Bay Club. Not only will you enjoy the scenery, but you’ll also enjoy the delicious food prepared by a chef who has worked in Michelin star restaurants. You can’t go wrong checking out this venue.

The Oaks Club at Valencia

Website: The Oaks Club at Valencia

Max capacity: 220

The Oaks Club is another golf club that doesn’t give off the “traditional” golf club vibes. The indoor area is spacious and neutral and it goes well with almost any color. The architecture of the club is also beautiful, and the views from the course provide the perfect backdrop for any ceremony.

Duke’s Malibu

Website: Duke’s Malibu

Max capacity: 100

If you’re wanting a waterfront view without being outside, you definitely need to check out Duke’s Malibu. It’s a seafood restaurant that’s perfect for small weddings. This is a great space if you want something indoors, but with photos on the beach. Many couples take portraits on the beach after an intimate indoor ceremony.

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