Los Angeles is California’s largest city, and one of the best when it comes to wedding and elopement venues. Within this list, I included large wedding venues that offer incredible views of Los Angeles, plenty of space for guests, and unique decor. I also made sure to include smaller wedding venues that are modern, chic, and customizable. Each of these wedding venues are unique and offers something different for each couple. Whether you elope or have a large wedding, you’ll definitely be able to find the perfect Los Angeles wedding venue for your special day.

*The max capacity numbers are for seated ceremonies and receptions. If you have a standing ceremony or reception, the max capacity will be higher.

*Some of the outdoor wedding venues have outdoor areas for the ceremony, but indoor options for a reception. Vice versa for indoor wedding venues as well.

Outdoor Wedding Venues in Los Angeles

Griffith Park

Website: Griffith Park

Max capacity: 50

While you can’t get married at Griffith Observatory (see the official rules here), you can get married in the park. La La Land anyone? This iconic park can provide you with some of the best views of Griffith Observatory in LA. While it’s a bit busier, it’s still a beautiful place to tie the knot, and a cool place to visit if you’re into movies, as many famous movie scenes have been filmed in the park.

Descanso Gardens

Website: Descanso Gardens

Max capacity: 300

Descando Gardens is a quiet and enchanting garden filled with tall oak trees, rushing streams, colorful vines, and flowers in every color. There are multiple outdoor ceremony sites in the gardens, and each one is absolutely breathtaking. If you’re looking for something whimsical and fairytale-like, Descano Gardens is the perfect outdoor Los Angeles wedding venue for you. Photo by: Sun and Sparrow Photography.

The Los Angeles skyline from the Los Angeles Athletic Club, a Los Angeles wedding venue.

Los Angeles Athletic Club

Website: Los Angeles Athletic Club

Max capacity: 250

While the Los Angeles Athletic Club sounds like you’ll be getting married in a gym, this is far from the truth. This is one of my favorite outdoor wedding venues in Los Angeles, simply because of the jaw dropping views it offers. Located in downtown LA, you can have a rooftop ceremony surrounded by giant skyscrapers, then an intimate dinner/reception inside or on the rooftop.

A couple walking on Vasquez Rocks, a wedding venue in Los Angeles.

Vasquez Rocks

Website: Vasquez Rocks

Max capacity: 40

Vasquez Rocks is a stunning outdoor wedding venue in Los Angeles for small weddings or elopements. If you’re a fan of the desert or neutral coloring, Vasquez Rocks should definitely be on your list. You’ll get gorgeous views of the desert, and you have creative freedom when it comes to decor. Photo by: Bree and Stephen.

The Fig House, an outdoor wedding venue in Los Angeles.

The Fig House

Website: The Fig House

Max capacity: 250

The Fig House is the perfect wedding venue for the colorful, vintage, or whimsical couple. You can have a small ceremony outdoors, then head indoors for a modern reception. It’s the perfect venue for the couple looking for something a bit different than the “traditional” wedding venue.

Lombardi House

Website: Lombardi House

Max capacity: 250

The Lombardi House is a quiet and charming white wedding house that’s truly timeless and looks great with any color. Like previous venues, this house offers both outdoor and indoor options for your ceremony and reception. It’s a great wedding venue in Los Angeles for smaller weddings. Photo by: Jenna Bechtholt Photography.


Website: Vibiana

Max capacity: 500

Vibiana is a sophisticated and ethereal indoor Los Angeles wedding venue. This area has a grand indoor space filled with marble and baroque columns, but also has a beautiful garden. Inspired by Italian architecture, this elegant venue will be sure to blow your mind with its beauty. It reminds me of San Diego’s famous architecture. Photo by: The Vondys.

La Tuna Locations

Website: La Tuna Locations

Max capacity: 1,000

Located in Verdugo Hills, La Tuna Locations is a private venue perfect for those wanting something close to Los Angeles with a mountainous scenery. Known for its citrus trees and Greek architecture, this is a beautiful wedding venue in Los Angeles suited any couple looking to have a bit more privacy on their special day. Photo by: Jerome Park Photography.

Madera Kitchen

Website: Madera Kitchen

Max capacity: 200

Madera Kitchen is one of my favorite wedding venues in Los Angeles. It’s a super trendy, bohemian, and rustic outdoor (and indoor) wedding venue filled with patterns, colors, and greenery. They also offer some amazing new-American cuisine for your wedding or elopement. Photo by: Eve Rox Photography.

InterContinental Los Angeles Century City

Website: InterContinental Los Angeles Century City

Max capacity: 250

Similar to country clubs, I’m not a huge fan of hotels either when it comes to wedding venues. While I’m not too fond of their indoor space, the outdoor ceremony site is absolutely stunning. It looks like an enchanted garden and is extremely versatile when it comes to decor. Photo by: Herman Au.

The Hoxton

Website: The Hoxton

Max capacity: 70

The Hoxton has a variety of different rooms for your special day, but my personal favorite is the outdoor bar and lounge. Geared towards small weddings and elopements, you’ll find a small space filled with beautiful plants, modern decor, jaw dropping views of LA, and delicious food. I highly recommend checking this place out.

Arts District

Website: Arts District

Max capacity: NA

The Arts District is the perfect wedding venue for the trendy couple looking to do something different on their wedding day. You can have your ceremony and take images in front of some of the most famous murals in Los Angeles. The Arts District is meant for elopements and isn’t the best wedding venue for larger weddings. Photo by: Jamie Y Photography.

City Libre

Website: City Libre

Max capacity: 150

City Libre is a super stylish and trendy outdoor Los Angeles wedding venue located near the Arts District. It’s a simple space known for its string lights, Californian decor, and giant palm tree. This venue offers both indoor and outdoor areas for ceremonies and receptions. It’s a venue definitely worth putting on your list.


Website: Millwick

Max capacity: 175

Millwick is a historical wedding venue that takes the environment into consideration. While most wedding venues can leave a heavy environmental impact, Millwick  uses sustainable methods and vendors within their venue. Millwick is an urban venue filled with plants and heavily resembles a jungle, perfect for photos and low-waste weddings.

The Angeles Crest National Forest, a wedding venue in Los Angeles.

Angeles Crest National Forest

Website: Angeles Crest National Forest

Max capacity: NA

If you’re wanting a wedding venue outside of the stereotypical LA scenery, consider getting married within the Angeles Crest National Forest. This is a stunning, outdoor wedding venue, especially for couples looking to elope. There is plenty of area to be explored and will provide you with mountainous lookouts all around the forest.


Website: SmogShoppe

Max capacity: 150

SmogShoppe is a solar-powered wedding venue filled with over 2,000 square feet of greenery, both tropical and dry. It’s extremely peaceful, unique, and offers both indoor and outdoor spaces for ceremonies and receptions. Owned by the same owners as Millwick, this venue is also environmentally friendly.

The Unique Space

Website: The Unique Space

Max capacity: 250

The Unique Space is a historical wedding venue located in the Arts District of downtown LA. It’s a stunning building lined with brick, high ceilings, and tall pillars. There is also a stunning rooftop area with bright murals surrounding the area, and a mural that can serve as a background for your small ceremony. Photo by: Amanda VanVels.

Mountain Gate Country Club

Website: Mountain Gate Country Club

Max capacity: 300

While I’m not a big fan of country clubs as wedding venues, this one is an exception. Mountain Gate Country Club is quiet venue located within Los Angeles that offers some absolutely incredible views of rolling hills and birch trees. It’s the perfect place to tie the knot for those looking for something quiet with jaw dropping scenery.

Greystone Mansion & Gardens: The Dohney Estate

Website: Greystone Mansion & Gardens: The Dohney Estate

Max capacity: 200

If you’re looking for a sophisticated Los Angeles wedding venue, look no further. The Greystone Mansion will place you right in Europe. Surrounded with gorgeous architecture, tall fountains, historic charm, and peaceful gardens, this venue is the perfect place for any couple looking for something royal.

The Ebell

Website: The Ebell

Max capacity: 250

The Ebell is an indoor and outdoor wedding venue in Los Angeles. In this venue, you’ll see high ceilings, a beautiful garden, and some very elegant and glamorous architecture. It’s a great venue for those looking to have a more traditional wedding, but it’s also a great venue to customize if you’re wanting something more untraditional.

The Houdini Estate

Website: The Houdini Estate

Max capacity: 500

The Houdini Estate is one of the most popular wedding venues (and historical sites) in all of Los Angeles. It’s a beautiful outdoor (and indoor) area filled with lush greenery and whimsical details. There are also multiple places and backgrounds for photos. This venue is perfect for the couple wanting something unique on their special day.

Indoor Wedding Venues in Los Angeles

Interior design of Hangar 21, an indoor wedding venue in Los Angeles.

Hangar 21

Website: Hangar 21

Max capacity: 1,200

Hangar 21 is actually located in Fullerton, about 30 minutes from LA, but I couldn’t not include it on this list. Hangar 21 is one of the most unique and breathtaking venues out there. Here, you have a blank space to create whatever you want on your wedding day. The biggest perk? Being able to take a helicopter ride over Los Angeles on your special day. 

Grass Room

Website: Grass Room

Max capacity: 200

Grass Room is a trendy and modern wedding venue located in downtown LA. It’s basically a giant greenhouse and is the perfect location for the couple who loves plants and stunning architecture. There are both indoor and outdoor rooms for your ceremony and reception.

The Line LA

Website: The Line LA

Max capacity: 425

If you’re looking for a truly unforgettable venue and experience on your special day, The Line LA is the place to go. Located in Koreatown, you’ll find this venue filled with a stunning greenhouse, breathtaking architecture, and the cutest outdoor ceremony site. You can even enjoy an exquisite dinner by the Michelin Star chef himself, Josiah Citrin. Photo by: Chase Daniel.

City Market Social House

Website: City Market Social House

Max capacity: 600

The City Market Social House is a massive contemporary warehouse located in downtown LA. It’s a great venue if you want something pretty urban. They also have an outdoor patio that provides you with views of the surrounding buildings.

Valentine, an indoor wedding venue in Los Angeles.


Website: Valentine

Max capacity: 500

This wedding venue is another giant greenhouse located in downtown LA and has the same owners of Millwick. Valentine has one of the most breathtaking ceremony backdrops that will look stunning in any photo. They also have some unique decor, patterns, and murals for the couples looking for something a big different.

TenTen Wilshire

Website: TenTen Wilshire

Max capacity: 250

TenTen Wilshire is another one of my all-time favorite wedding venues in Los Angeles. They have a stunning rooftop with epic view of Los Angeles, and a beautiful indoor space with floor to ceiling windows that also give you 360 degree views of the city. I highly recommend checking this venue out if you’re wanting something that incorporates the city.

The East Angel, an indoor wedding venue in Los Angeles.

The East Angel

Website: The East Angel

Max capacity: 250

The East Angel is a super chic and clean wedding venue located in the downtown area. It’s minimalistic, timeless, and gives you endless options when it comes to decor. This is truly a beautiful spot if you’re looking for something simple and versatile.

A white studio in Los Angeles.

Smashbox Studios

Website: Smashbox Studios

Max capacity: 228

Smashbox Studios is quickly becoming a popular Los Angeles wedding venue. It’s a blank canvas that has endless possibilities when it comes to decor. It also offers a ton of natural light which is amazing for photos. It’s modern, minimalistic, and a jaw dropping contemporary wedding venue.

The Holding Company

Website: The Holding Company

Max capacity: 150

The Holding Company is a rustic industrial wedding venue located in the heart of Los Angeles. It’s a great wedding venue for smaller weddings or elopements. It comes with high ceilings, vintage chandeliers, and decorated sitting spaces for guests to talk and mingle. 

Carondelet House

Website: Carondelet House

Max capacity: 150

The Carondelet House is definitely one of the most unique and popular wedding venues within Los Angeles. There are tons of decorative touches and still feels trendy for being a pretty old venue. It’s known for its decor, brick, and architecture. 


Website: Honeypot

Max capacity: 175

Honeypot is a similar venue to Smashbox. It’s very clean and minimalistic, but still offers some charm. It has a gorgeous brick wall, high ceilings, and neutral accents. It’s a great space if you’re looking to have complete customization of your decor on your special day.

South Park Center

Website: South Park Center

Max capacity: 300

If you’re wanting 360 degree views of LA’s skyline, then you definitely need to check out the South Park Center. This space is absolutely incredible. It’s roomy and provides amazing natural light for photos. You won’t have a hard time finding the perfect backdrop for your ceremony, reception, or photos. Look no further for the perfect urban wedding venue, located conveniently in downtown LA.

A brick studio in Los Angeles.

Brick House Studios LA

Website: Brick House Studios LA

Max capacity: 1,000

This all around brick venue is perfect for the rustic couple. There’s a beautiful white or black backdrop for the ceremony, which allows you to customize your decor however you want, and the brick also makes for a great backdrop during the ceremony or for photos. This venue will go with anything, and is a great place to consider if you’re wanting something more open.

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

Website: Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

Max capacity: 150-250 depending on location

If you’re wanting an out-of-the-box wedding experience, I can’t recommend the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles enough. This unique wedding venue is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. There are multiple rooms you can have a ceremony in, as well as a reception. Whether you want a small elopement or a large wedding, the museum is a great choice.

440 Seaton

Website: 440 Seaton

Max capacity: 600

440 Seaton is a lesser known wedding venue, but it’s a personal favorite of mine for elopements and smaller weddings. 440 Seaton is an urban warehouse that screams rustic. Originally built in 1913, it comes with exposed brick walls, high ceilings, and a beautiful rooftop offering views of LA’s skyline.

Kim Sing Theatre

Website: Kim Sing Theatre

Max capacity: 150

The Kim Sing Theatre is the perfect Los Angeles wedding venue for the boho bride. Greenery, patterned rugs, neon signs, and pops of color really make the Kim Sing Theatre stand out. This is a great wedding venue for smaller weddings and elopements. 

Hudson Loft

Website: Hudson Loft

Max capacity: 200

The Hudson Loft is an indoor wedding venue that has a ton of different spaces and rooms to explore. Well known for their white columns, bare walls, and iconic rooftop, the Hudson Loft is a great wedding venue for anyone looking to add their own bit of spice on their special day. Plus, the windows provide great natural light for photos. 

As We Dwell

Website: As We Dwell

Max capacity: 150

As We Dwell is located in the heart of downtown LA and is a wedding venue catered towards those wanting a smaller wedding. It’s trendy, chic, and modern. It’s also filled with some vintage furniture and art pieces that add real character and style to the venue. 


Website: Seventh/Place

Max capacity: 270

Seventh/Place is another industrial red-brick studio with both a rustic indoor space and elegant outdoor patio. Here, you’ll find beautiful wooden beams, luscious greenery, and iconic string lights. Any area of this venue is great for photos!

Alexandria Ballrooms

Website: Alexandria Ballrooms

Max capacity: 500

Alexandria Ballrooms is one of the most popular wedding venues in Los Angeles. This is one of the only venues that will make you feel like royalty on your special day. Known for its grand architecture and space, it feels very similar to the famous ballroom in Cinderella.

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