How to Elope in Italy

Italy is one of the most romantic places in the world that’s often on most bucket lists. Known for their iconic Amalfi Coast, pasta, and unique architecture, it doesn’t come as a surprise that you’re looking to elope in Italy. With endless possibilities and places to be explored, Italy is a great elopement destination for the couple looking for an adventure on their wedding day.

Within this guide, I included everything you need to know about how to elope in Italy, including Italy elopement packages, places to elope, and even how to get a marriage license if you’re a foreigner.

Can Foreigners Get Married in Italy?

Yes, foreigners can get married in Italy. However, there are two extra documents you will need in order for your marriage to be legally binding. We’ll get into these two documents within the next section all about how to get a marriage license in Italy.

How to Get a Marriage License in Italy

There are a few things you’ll need to be able to elope in Italy. The basic documents you will need include a valid passport, birth certificate, Atto Noto (also known as a Certificate of No Impediment), and a Nulla Ostav (also known as an affidavit).

Below are a list of steps you’ll want to take in order to officially be allowed to marry in Italy. These steps apply to U.S. citizens getting married in Italy. The process is very similar to those who live in other countries as well. Always check with your embassy to make sure you’re taking the proper steps.

  • 2-3 months before your wedding date, make an appointment at your nearest Italian Consulate to obtain an Atto Noto. Italian Consulates are found in most big cities like Los Angeles and Chicago. You will need to bring 2-4 (usually 4), witnesses, a passport, and your original birth certificate. All documents with the exception of your passport MUST be officially translated to Italian.
  • 1-2 months before your wedding date, book an appointment with a Italian Consulate in the city where you’re going to be getting married. Book the appointment at least a week before your wedding date. They have consulates in Rome, Milan, Genova, Venice, Florence, Naples, and Palermo. This is where you’ll get your Nulla Ostav. You can print out the form and fill it out to save time, but do not sign it until you’re instructed to do so. This process costs about $55 a person.
  • After you’ve received your Nulla Ostav, you’ll need to get it legalized. You can do this at a Prefecture Office in Italy. You’ll need to bring two revenue stamps that cost about $20 each and can be found at any tobacco store.
  • Lastly, you’ll need to make an appointment at the town hall to complete a “Declaration of Intention to Marry” a few days before your wedding date. If you don’t speak Italian, you must bring an interpreter with you.

I highly recommend checking out this article to get a more in-depth explanation of how to go through these steps. It was written by an Italian wedding planner who works with couples getting married in Italy from the United States! You can also check out the official U.S. Embassy site as well that outlines all the steps (though I do find this one a bit more complicated to understand).

If these steps are very overwhelming to you, no worries! You can always get married in your home country then have a symbolic ceremony in Italy.

Best Places to Elope in Italy

To make things easier, I separated Italy based on three different regions, Northern, Central, and Southern Italy.

Best Places to Elope in Northern Italy (Milan, Venice, Bologna)

Italian Alps Dolomites

The Italian Alps Dolomites (commonly referred to as “The Dolomites”) is genuinely one of the most jaw dropping places I’ve ever seen. It’s one of the best places to elope in Italy! If you’re wanting an elopement in the mountains, the Dolomites are for you. Within this area you’ll find jagged mountains, wildflower fields, lakes, and rolling hills that go on for miles.

Lago di Braies (Lake Braies)

Lake Braise is one of the most beautiful and photographed lakes in Italy. The water is a beautiful turquoise-green color and lies beneath a huge mountain. You can also hike around the lake and observe an old church that was built in 1904. If you decide to elope at this location, I highly recommend doing so during sunrise in an off-season. During the afternoons and summer season, the lake gets super crowded.

Cinque Terre

Clinque Terre is often compared to the Amalfi Coast. Clique Terre is a long stretch of 5 historic towns that have colorful houses, elegant terraces, local fishing boats, and so much more. It’s a very romantic elopement location without the crowds that come with the Amalfi Coast. There are numerous spots and hiking trails around this area.

Best Places to Elope in Central Italy (Rome, Florence, Tuscany)

Parco Nazionale del Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga (Gran Sasso National Park)

Gran Sasso National Park is a national park in central Italy that surrounds Gran Sasso, a massif in the Apennine Mountains. Gran Sasso National Park is extremely rich in cultural, environmental, geological, and anthropological goods. The area of the park is mostly mountains with alpine plains. Within the park you’ll find old buildings, wildlife, and various lakes.

Elba Island

Elba Island is one of the best places to elope in Italy for couples wanting to elope on a beach. There are numerous things to do and see on the island. If you’re wanting something a bit more laidback and tropical, I recommend checking out Elba Island for your Italy elopement.

Lago di Pilato

Lago di Pilato is an alpine glacier lake and is only one of a few in Italy. There is a 7 mile roundtrip hike to reach the lake, and it’s known for being a more difficult hike. However, the reward is well worth it. The area is more dry and rocky than other mountainous areas, but it looks super unique in pictures.

Best Places to Elope in Southern Italy (Naples, Sicily, Bari)

Amalfi Coast

I couldn’t create a list with all the best places to elope in Italy and not include the Amalfi Coast. The Amalfi Coast is known for the pastel-colored fishing towns and beautiful costal line. It looks especially beautiful during the evening. Around the coast, there are so many different hiking trails, restaurants, and excursions to check out. Be wary that this location is one of the most visited in Italy. However, it is one of the best places to elope in Italy which is why it’s so popular!

Cascata Alta

If you’re looking for a jungle-like elopement location, consider checking out Cascata Alta. The entire trail is filled with greenery, multiple waterfalls, ocean lookouts, and beautiful Italian architecture. The trail is 4.5 miles long and is perfect for the average hiker. There are many areas around the trail for both pictures and a ceremony.

Sentiero degli Dei

Sentiero degli Dei is one of the most scenic hikes in the southern area of Italy. The hike is 5 miles long and is completely doable for any fitness level. The top of the hike will greet you with a scenic view of the ocean and a beautiful Italian cliffside. There are areas all around the hiking trail that are perfect for your intimate ceremony.

Best Time of Year for Your Italy Elopement

The southern and northern sides of Italy vary slightly when it comes to the weather. However, the best time to visit is universally the same. Be sure to look at the weather and forecast for your specific elopement location!

Spring (March – May)

Spring is the best time to elope in Italy, specifically during the months of May and April. Not only is the weather very enjoyable, but after the rainy winter season, the northern area of Italy is completely filled with luscious green meadows and wildflowers. The waterfalls are also at their peak during this time of year, and the wildlife is abundant. Plus, the amount of tourists is significantly lower than most other seasons.

Summer (June – August)

Summer is the worst time to elope in Italy if you’re not wanting crowds or people during your elopement. The summer season has great weather and activities, but the crowds can be very overwhelming and the lines can be very long. However, it’s a great time if you want to avoid the snow that accompany the high altitude areas in the northern parts of Italy.

Fall (September – November)

The fall still comes with crowds in Italy, but it’s definitely not as bad as it is in the summer. There are numerous festivals and the landscape is beautiful, especially in the northern area (although it does get quite cold up there). November is also one of the rainier months, so be aware of that as well. If you’re looking for that colorful landscape on your elopement day, I recommend eloping in Italy during the fall season.

Winter (December – February)

Winter is the perfect season for couples who love the snow. The amount of snow, as well as the temperature, varies greatly depending on the area of Italy you’re eloping at. If you love winter spots, northern Italy is for you. The southern area, including Rome, usually doesn’t get snow, but it still gets chilly. This is the perfect season to elope if you don’t mind the cold and don’t want the tourists.

Lake Braise in Italy.

How Much Does it Cost to Elope in Italy?

In Italy, the average cost of a wedding is $22,500 for around 114 guests. Italy has one of the highest price tags when it comes to weddings due to their extravagant venues and flowers. However, the cost of a higher-end elopement could easily cut this number in half! Check out some elopement examples below!

*These elopement examples are not quotes, just examples. These budget examples are for people flying from the U.S. to Italy*

High-End Italy Elopement

  • $1,340 – plane tickets for 2
  • $150 – marriage license fees
  • $100 – location permit
  • $2,000 – three nights at a luxury resort
  • $6,500 – photographer
  • $700 – florist for bouquet and decor
  • $3,000 – dress, accessories, and shoes
  • $300 – hair and makeup
  • $800 – suit, accessories, and shoes
  • $700 – private tour around Italy
  • $500 – private chef
  • TOTAL: $16,090

Mid-End Italy Elopement

  • $1,340 – plane tickets for 2
  • $150 – marriage license fees
  • $100 – location permit
  • $1,000 – three nights at a 3-star hotel
  • $4,500 – photographer
  • $400 – florist for bouquet and light decor
  • $1,500 – dress, accessories, and shoes
  • $200 – hair and makeup
  • $500 – suit, accessories, and shoes
  • $200 – wine tasting in Tuscany
  • TOTAL: $9,890

Low-End Italy Elopement

  • $1,340 – plane tickets for 2
  • $150 – marriage license fees
  • $100 – location permit
  • $500 – three nights at a simple hotel/airbnb
  • $2,500 – photographer
  • $200 – florist for bouquet
  • $700 – dress, accessories, and shoes
  • $100 – hair and makeup (or free if done yourself)
  • $300 – suit (rented)
  • TOTAL: $5,890

If you’re interested in checking out some Italy elopement packages, scroll down or check out my pricing page here to see my destination packages.

A hiking trail within the Dolomites, a mountain range in Italy.

Italy Elopement Ideas

If you’re looking for some Italy elopement inspiration or ideas of what to do for your elopement, check out a few of these examples!

  • Wine tasting in Tuscany
  • Gondola ride in Venice
  • Pasta making class
  • Tour historical sites
  • Visit the opera
  • Tour the city by boat
  • Visit a local festival
  • Ski the Dolomites
  • Go to the beach
  • Climb Stromboli
  • Eat pizza in Naples
The Colosseum in Rome, Italy.

Italy Elopement Packages

I’m an elopement photographer based in California that offers Italy elopement packages. If you’re interested in checking out elopement packages in Italy, check out my pricing page here. I include location scouting, vendor recommendations, timeline building, and so much more in every package!

Italy Elopement Package Pricing

  • 8 hours – 3 days of elopement coverage anywhere in Italy
  • A personalized elopement planning experience with unlimited assistance
    • Personalized elopement location recommendations
    • Vendor, lodging, and activity recommendations
    • Assistance and information to help you with permits, licenses, etc.
    • 90+ page elopement planning guide filled with tips and tricks
    • Customized elopement timelines
    • Optional complimentary officiant services
  • Online gallery with full resolution images and printing rights
  • 24-48 hour sneak peeks to share with the world
  • Travel fees to anywhere in Italy are already included
  • Starting at $10,500

Want more elopement inspiration? Check out this Alaska Elopement Guide, Hawaii Elopement Guide, and Top 20 Best Places to Elope in California.


How much does it cost to elope in Italy?

To elope in Italy, expect to pay around $200 USD to elope in Italy. This cost comes from the marriage documents you must acquire.

Where can I elope in Italy?

You can elope basically anywhere in Italy with the right permits. A few popular locations include the Dolomites, Amalfi Coast, Rome, and Tuscany.

Can foreigners get married in Italy?

Yes, all foreigners can get married in Italy. There is more paperwork you must fill out to do so though.

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