You’ve chosen the best location, time of year, and have finally picked out the perfect dress or suit. At last, the day has been crafted to be completely unique to you, but now there’s just one problem… you have to let your guests know all the details. Just because you’re keeping things small doesn’t mean you should skip the invites. Elopement invites help you to set the tone of the day and are another way you can personalize the day to you.

Throughout this post, I’ll give you the best elopement invite designs, provide you with creative wording examples, and touch on when to send them out. So, whether you’re just starting to plan your elopement or are nearly there, you’re in the right place. This is the ultimate guide to elopement invites.

Best Elopement Invites

Before we dive into the best elopement invites, think about the kind of style you’re trying to achieve. Is your elopement simple and laidback? A modern and minimalist style might be for you. Doing something a bit more adventurous in the outdoors? Consider an invite that’s a bit more nature-inspired. There are a variety of different elopement invites designs to choose from so it’s important to first identify what style resonates with you the most.

All the designs I will be showcasing today are from my favorite site, Basic Invite. They’re one of the few websites that allows customers almost unlimited color options (over 180) with instant previews online! They also have printed samples, free envelopes, and an address gathering system that makes getting addresses a breeze. Plus, Basic Invite has more than just wedding invitations. You can find RSVP cards, save the dates, bridal shower invites all the way to baby announcements and simple graduation announcements, which you can make using their grad invite maker.

Here are some of my favorites!

Modern/Minimalist Elopement Invites

For the couple who wants something timeless, romantic, and simple. Minimalist designs are often clean with straight lines and few distractions. While modern designs can be the same, sometimes they’re a bit more fun and funky. They still tend to be on the cleaner side, but may experiment with fun pops of color or typography.

Classic Simplicity

The perfect invite if you need something that never goes out of style.

Type Arch Wedding Invite

A fun invite with soft colors and fun typography that allows couples to show off their personality.

Minimal Magnifique

A simple and romantic invite that pairs well with any elopement theme.

Nature-Inspired Elopement Invites

For the couple who is eloping in the great outdoors or who is tying elements of nature into their special day. Florals, mountains, and trees tend to be popular attributes when it comes to nature-inspired invites.

Art Nouveau Wedding Arch

This invite is romantic. The gorgeous florals and soft arch are easy on the eyes.

Watercolor Pines

A great invite if you’re eloping in a national park like Olympic or the Redwoods.

Lasting Tradition

It’s Bridgerton blue for all the romance and nature-lovers out there!

Vintage Elopement Invites

For the couple who wants something unique and different with an old-timey feel.

Ornate Framing

An invite that feels like it was plucked from an antique store – forever timeless.

Antique Elegance

For the vintage lovers who are looking for something a little more bold and contrasty.

Romantic Vintage

This gorgeous floral invite is perfect for couples whose theme is “garden party” or similar.

Elopement Invite Wording Examples

Coming up with wording for your elopement invite can be tough, but it’s just as important as the design. Here are a few phrase and ideas you can use!

  • “We’re eloping! Rose and Jack will be having a small ceremony in the mountains of Washington. Please join us to celebrate.”
  • “Penelope and Colin request your company at an intimate ceremony on January 1st, 2024 at 2:00pm at Madison Falls.”
  • “We are eloping. Please join us for a celebratory meal at 123 Main Street on November 2nd at 6:00pm.”
  • “We’re eloping! We will be exchanging vows during a small ceremony in Redwood National Park. We are grateful for your love and support and can’t wait to celebrate with you after the honeymoon!”
  • “We’re tying the knot and would love you to join us at our happily ever after party on May 2nd, 2024 at 123 Main Street.”
  • “We’re taking a leap of love! Join us for us an intimate elopement ceremony.”

Elopement Invite Tips

  • Timing: Send your invites out at least 2 months before your elopement if you want guests to join you for the ceremony. The earlier the better so people can arrange flights and lodging. If you’re sending them after you’ve eloped, within a month is ideal.
  • RSVPs: If you’re planning a post-elopement celebration, include RSVP details. You can also include a RSVP card for the ceremony portion depending on how many people you’re inviting.

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