If you’re looking for a list of trendy and rustic Big Sur wedding venues, you’ve come to the right place. Big Sur has some of the most beautiful wedding venues in California. From dramatic coasts and tall redwood trees to lush greenery and rustic decor, Big Sur truly has it all. Within this list, I included the top 10 wedding venues in Big Sur that will truly take your breath away.

Big Sur Wedding Venues

Glen Oaks Big Sur

Website: Glen Oaks Big Sur

Max Capacity: 100

Glen Oaks Big Sur is one of my all-time favorite wedding venues in Big Sur, and it’s quite popular amongst couples who want to elope. Glen Oaks is located near the coast of Big Sur within the nearby redwood forests. It’s an absolutely beautiful venue that has a ceremony site right under the majestic redwoods. You’ll be amazed by the landscape, as well as the intimacy this venue has to offer.

Loma Vista Gardens

Website: Loma Vista Gardens

Max Capacity: 300

Loma Vista Garden is the perfect Big Sur wedding venue for the bohemian couple. Located in a beautiful forest and desert garden, you’ll find plants and greenery around the entire venue. From fruit trees and flowers to cacti and succulents, there’s something for everyone. This venue also has beautiful views of the nearby hills that you can enjoy during both your ceremony and reception. Photo by: Joshua Grant Rose Photography.

Big Sur Grange

Website: Big Sur Grange

Max Capacity: 85

Big Sur Grange is another outdoor wedding in Big Sur located just a few minutes away from Glen Oaks. Similar to Glen Oaks, you’ll find yourself surrounded with the large redwood trees. This is a great wedding venue if you’re looking for something rustic, yet timeless. There are plenty of areas around this location that are perfect for ceremonies, receptions, and pictures.

Wind and Sea

Website: Wind and Sea

Max Capacity: 60

Wind and Sea is an extremely private and quiet wedding venue situated right along the coast of Big Sur. Wind and Sea is a 6-acre, private venue that has both beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces. I personally love the outdoor ceremony site, especially for pictures. The property is engulfed with greenery, hills, and of course, the beautiful coast of Big Sur. Photo by: Joshua Grant Rose Photography.

Point 16

Website: Point 16

Max Capacity: 160

Point 16 is one of my favorite wedding venues in Big Sur. It’s kind of a secretive and secluded venue right on the coast. At Point 16, you’ll be encircles with beautiful green mountainsides and dramatic cliffs. If you didn’t know it was Big Sur, you would be thinking that you’ve landed on a beautiful island in Hawaii. Your guests will be in complete awe once they step foot and see jaw dropping views this place has to offer. Photo by: De Joy Photography.

Ancient Redwoods

Website: Ancient Redwoods

Max Capacity: Depends on location – usually up to 25

If you’re wanting a truly outdoor experience, check out the ancient redwood forests near Big Sur. There are acres and acres of land filled with redwood trees, making this area the perfect place for an intimate wedding or elopement. You should have no problem finding a secluded area for just the two of you. Enjoy a ceremony underneath the redwood trees with an intimate dinner right on the beach later that night.

Wildflowers on the coast of big Sur in Garrapata State Park, a wedding venue in big Sur.

Garrapata State Park

Website: Garrapata State Park

Max Capacity: 25

If you’re looking for colorful wildflowers and other costal vegetation on your wedding day, look no further. Garrapata State Park is one of the lesser known state parks (and wedding venues) in Big Sur. This park is known for their incredible views and hiking trails that go on for miles. I’m surprised it isn’t as populated. This is a great place for any wedding.

Andrew Molera State Park

Website: Andrew Molera State Park

Max Capacity: 10

Andrew Molera State Park is another one of the lesser known wedding venues/state parks in Big Sur. In fact, this state park is pretty undeveloped and is perfect for the couple looking to have a true adventure on their wedding day. This specific area has beautiful hillsides that provide stunning views of the Big Sur coast.

Big Sur Lodge

Website: Big Sur Lodge

Max Capacity: 120

While I’m not the largest fan of their indoor space, I do love their outdoor forest area for ceremonies and their patio for simple receptions. If you’re looking to have a multi-day celebration with friends and family, the Big Sur Lodge can accommodate everyone overnight. Plus, this venue is close to the coast which allows you to have different sceneries during your wedding day or weekend. Photo by: Heather K. Purdy.

Ventana Big Sur

Website: Ventana Big Sur

Max Capacity: 200

Ventana Big Sur has to be in my list of top 3 wedding venues in Big Sur. This stunning resort has a variety of different areas you can choose from for your wedding ceremony, both indoor and outdoor. Ventana is a rustic venue that has modern and simple touches. This venue is perfect for couples looking to have portraits in the redwood forest, then a jaw dropping ceremony against the Big Sur coast.

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That moment when you turn to the person you’re with and ask, “Are you seeing this?” I live for it. Places with trees and mountains and soft breezes that make you say, “I can’t believe this place exists,” I spend pretty much all of my free time searching for and exploring them.

These places have always felt like home to me. And if you’re the kind of person who also feels more at home surrounded by trees than by people? Then we’ll get along really well. The Pacific Northwest is full of secret spots that are too special to share with just anyone. But it would make me happy to share them with you on your wedding day.

If the mountains/beaches/redwood forests are calling your name, go ahead…

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